Throwback Thursday

This one shockingly wasn’t a close race like at all lol. Lil Kim had way more votes than Nicki Minaj on this one. I love both females either way, but Lil Kim for sure is a Queen and icon in this game. Not saying Nicki Minaj isn’t but let us remember Kim did come first.

I couldn’t decide on just one video so I picked my two favorite. Enjoy dolls!

So next week who will it be? Comment down below.

  1. Drake
  2. Lil Wayne

Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday pick was between either Nelly or Rihanna. Well I have counted the votes between email, Facebook, and Instagram and Rihanna won. So the video I chose for her Throwback Thursday is “Umbrella”. Every artist has that one breakout song, and this song for sure is that for her. Dark hard, tattoos, grunge era.


What is your favorite Rihanna song? Comment below and like this post as well. Also the next Throwback Thursday battle will be between:

  1. Biggie
  2. Tupac

Who do you choose? This battle will be a classic as it has always been. These throwback sessions wont be this intense always lol but you would have to choose who you would rather see. You have until next Wednesday to vote. Thank you dolls.

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