Makeup Monday’s

Hey dolls we are back for another week of Makeup Monday’s. This week I wanted to review a new product that I picked up from the drug store about 3 weeks ago. I was using Makeup Revolutions banana loose face setting powder, and I wasn’t really a fan of it. The only reason why I really used it until the end, was because I hate spending money on products to just end up not using them cheap or not.

So I am like alright it is time for a new setting loose powder. I follow Patrick Starrr heavily, and he uses a powder that seems like a holy grail for him. Before really trusting his product review, I wanted to watch a few other YouTubers share their thoughts on the product as well. Thus far I have not heard any negative remarks about the product. So at this point sis I just need to purchase the powder.


Before actually buying the product, I called Walmart about a year ago now asking them did they have it. For some reason , the state of Massachusetts doesn’t hold a lot of makeup products in my opinion which is why I end up ordering items online which I hate. So about 3 weeks ago I am like right it is time for a new powder. So I went into the local Walgreens to get Dove soap and as I am walking by to get the soap something caught my eye. Call me crazy but when I go into stores and see makeup, I have to stop and see do I need to add anything else to my collection.

So I saw the Coty Airspun and legit I screamed. Small things actually make me happy in life lol so please do not judge. So I purchased it and could not wait to use it. My first impression on the packaging, I think it reminded me of a grandmother. It is funny that I would say that because it has a scent to it despite the packaging saying that it doesn’t.

The powder went on smooth and the scent isn’t horrible or anything, but I try not to put products on my face that have a scent. The powder didn’t look cakey it like legit looked amazing. My makeup since I started using the product has been looking extremely flawless. It also helps that I have been taking my time when applying my makeup. I have developed a slight makeup routine, that I actually want to break down into full details on next week’s Makeup Monday’s. 

Here is a throwback video from Patrick Starrr using the product.


Moral of the story is dolls you should purchase this product. It retails for $5.99 at Target. It was a little pricier at Walgreens, and also I live in a state where we over price everything lol. Have you used this product yet? Comment down below on your favorite setting loose powder.

Makeup Monday’s

Patrick was recently a special guest on the amazing show America’s Next Top Model. Now if you follow Patrick like I do, then you would know that he is one of Tyra Banks’ biggest fans.

Down below is his most recent YouTube makeup tutorial video on his Top Model issssssh.

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Patrick Starrr x MAC

Dolls I am friggen SHOOK. My baby Patrick Starrr announced his collaboration with MAC and sis? Yasssssssss. Okay I’m done lol. I’m not really a MAC girl but I will purchase some of Patrick’s line.

But yes there is no price point yet on his products but I will post a video promo down below. Side bar I’m proud of how consistent I’ve been with blogging. I plan on doing product reviews in the near future. I also want to do VLOGS as well. But I’m still trying to get into being in front of the camera. I need to get it together and stop acting like I was popping as a child in front of the camera, as well as my adult life lol.

So I couldn’t find the promo video embedded code so for now check out a makeup tutorial by Patrick.