Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday pick was between either Nelly or Rihanna. Well I have counted the votes between email, Facebook, and Instagram and Rihanna won. So the video I chose for her Throwback Thursday is “Umbrella”. Every artist has that one breakout song, and this song for sure is that for her. Dark hard, tattoos, grunge era.


What is your favorite Rihanna song? Comment below and like this post as well. Also the next Throwback Thursday battle will be between:

  1. Biggie
  2. Tupac

Who do you choose? This battle will be a classic as it has always been. These throwback sessions wont be this intense always lol but you would have to choose who you would rather see. You have until next Wednesday to vote. Thank you dolls.

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Doll Crush Wednesday

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Hey dolls! This weeks Doll Crush Wednesday is none other than my girl Rihanna. With her lingerie line, makeup line, and lack of music (yes I threw shade because I am sad lol), my girl has been uber busy. I am proud of her and cannot wait to see what she will offer to her fans this coming summer. She is a hard working and diligent woman, and I admire that about her despite whatever people may have to negatively say about her. But sis Rihanna where is the music? Don’t make me pull up.
Here is one of my favorite live performances by Rihanna. The colors, the makeup, the hair, the dancing loved all of it.
Who will be tomorrow’s Throwback Thursday video choice? Let’s take a vote Rihanna or Nelly? Comment below or send in your choice to

Trendy Tuesday’s

Hey doll’s this weeks Trendy Tuesday item would be sunglasses. I think everyone from Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rihanna, they have all been rocking shades in every color and every shape. I wear glasses, so I am not much of a sunglasses person so I tend to just just look.

Image result for kylie jenner met gala

Not only is sunglasses the current trend, my close friend and business partner Edmil has done a soft launch of her sunglasses line and I am so freaking proud of her. We both have so much more in store for our followers like I can’t even deal. But for now click the link below and check out my baby’s website.

Look Vine feature

I have been in this industry doing several things since I was 4 years of age. From being on television shows, to modeling, and being a celebrity fashion stylist. I love when I am asked to be a feature in projects also to be interviewed, it never gets old. Look Vine featured me and I appreciate them for doing so.

If you would like to feature me in any further projects please email thank you.

Follow them on Instagram @lookvineofficial

Blogging Schedule

Monday’s – Makeup Monday’s -will post interviews, new releases of makeup, makeup tutorials, makeup reviews etc.

Tuesday – Trendy Tuesday’s -latest fashion and or makeup trends

Wednesday’s- “Doll Crush Wednesday” – we will pick one lovely doll male or female and post about them whether it be pictures, interview, music video, tutorial, etc.

Thursday- “Throwback Thursday” will post a music video that is a true throwback you can send in requests

Friday- “Fashion Friday” choose the best dressed person of that week. 


This will be a basic schedule for the main posting but could be subject to change. I will post no matter what either way, but these will be the main postings on my blog. I am super serious about blogging all of the time because I love what I do. I will do giveaways as well as do random surveys and polls.