Makeup Monday’s

Hey dolls! we are back and live with Makeup Monday’s. Today I am going to do something different. I posted a video down below of one of my favorite beauty influencers PatrickStarrr. Here is a YouTube tutorial with him doing a full cake beat face from start to finish. One of my favorite videos by him. Enjoy dolls, you will learn a few things.

Hope you enjoyed his video. Now as he stated this video isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy how detailed he was in this tutorial. I will post random clips on makeup not necessarily on Monday’s. Once I am comfortable with taping and I am experienced, you will get review videos from me. No tutorials just REVIEWS. Keep that in mind.

We Are Back!

Hey dolls, we have been gone for a few but the site is up and running and looks slightly different. I am excited to say that the hats are selling and doing well, I am doing well everything is just coming together. Just a quick run down, I wanted to introduce my cousin Roshanah. She handles all of the behind the scenes aspects of the business that some people don’t really think to do. I appreciate and love her so much like you all have no idea.

Since the site is now back up I will post frequently on Mondays, Wednesday’s, and Fridays. I will also be very active on my social media accounts again which I haven’t been lately. The online store will be up and running in November which we are super freaking excited about as well. So again I will get back to being active I just really needed to change a few things for the business. I think that is about it for now and we will take it from there. We are doing a lot to get the clothing line up and running, traveling, photo shoots like we are devoted and super excited to show you dolls what is next. Thank you for your patience.