Look Vine feature

I have been in this industry doing several things since I was 4 years of age. From being on television shows, to modeling, and being a celebrity fashion stylist. I love when I am asked to be a feature in projects also to be interviewed, it never gets old. Look Vine featured me and I appreciate them for doing so.

If you would like to feature me in any further projects please email shophouseofbria@gmail.com thank you.


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Happy birthday to me founder of the brand House of Bria. I want to thank everyone who visits my blog site day in and day out. I want to seriously thank everyone who supports and supported me since this journey begin.

Birthday plans? Yes going to Houston on the 26th of this month and I seriously cannot wait. I will blog hopefully as much as I can on my trip.

Also brand wise I have so much more in store and I can’t wait to release. This year I have marked it my year. At the end of this year I plan on moving to LA and really launching my fashion line so please hold on a little longer everyone lol.

But anyways thanks again for all of the support.

NY Fashion Week/Announcement

Hey dolls, so it’s NY Fashion Week and I am loving every look thus far. I am just going to speak this into existence but I will attend NY Fashion Week in 2019. Even if it is for just only one designer show, I have to do it. A lot of people claim to love fashion, but I eat shit dream about fashion. I hope to one day have a brand that crosses all over the globe.

I enjoy blogging and enjoy being a fashion stylist and was blessed to start in the fashion industry at a young age. If you don’t already know, I currently live in Boston Massachusetts. At the end of 2018 me and omg of my best friends Elyshia will be moving to Hollywood to pursue my fashion career and her acting career. I hope to land a job my dream job at either a fashion magazine company and or a major television network or something along those lines.

I have so many amazing things coming up and I can’t wait to share it with the world and build up my fan base. I appreciate everyone who has been on this journey with me. I will start getting more involved with my readers and giving you all more of me so please, me and the House of Bria staff thank you all and love you tons.

The Engagement

Engagement, or the act of engagement.  Remember when two people who are madly in love with one another shared a special moment? Family and loved ones gathered around and shared this moment with them as well. No cell phones no lights camera action? Yeah this is long gone.

I feel like social media and the new generation has destroyed the beauty of getting engaged. This is my opinion and if you do not agree, you can simply scroll to the next website thanks. I will not just say social media and my generation ruined engagements without fully explaining my point of view.

If I one day get engaged to a man (I feel bad for him lol), I want that moment to be special. Of course he would need permission from my father, but I want that moment to be about me and him only. No Snap Chat filters, or Instagram cliche quotes and poses.

Getting engaged or married should be a special moment that doesn’t have to be broadcast any and everywhere. I feel as if there is a lack of privacy throughout this world, and ironically as a blogger I have grown to be a very private person.

I loathe people who have to Snap Chat or Tweet every step of their lives. I use to Tweet and Snap Chat everything until I one day realized that me Bria yeah I am a brand so a lot of things now for me had to become private.

Last point of this engagement topic, my generation and beyond. I was born in 1992 and I am currently 25 years of age. I feel as if anyone around my age bracket has also ruined the art of getting engaged I do not care fight me these are my thoughts lol. Everything is a competition I feel like. Who has the better relationship? Which couple is doing what? Who does what the celebrities do? Like to me it is all a bunch of bullshit and your “significant other” possible is sleeping with your best friend. All I am saying love should be pure and something to enjoy, not something that you need to compete about.

No one has to agree with me on whether putting your engagement on social media should not be a thing. That is just my perspective at this point. Some things should be left to yourself due to them being so sacred. I want to enjoy that moment when someone gets down on one knee and asks for a hand in marriage. I do not want to have to redo that special moment all because my silly cousin forgot to put the flash on her snap.

I will do more posts like this as much as I can. I see myself as the new age Carrie Bradshaw and I have so much to say and I have all of the opportunity to say them. So comment below and let me know your thoughts on whether an engagement should be a private thing or posted on social media, and whether this generation as ruined the beauty of engagement or love.




She’s Gotta Have It


She’s Gotta Have It was a very interesting show to say the least. The main character Nola Darling played by DeWanda Wise gave a great perspective on how to live your life by your rules and your rules only. It backed fired for her sometimes, but most often it did not.

(If you didn’t know this show is a recreation in a sense of the movie She’s Gotta Have It).

This show was written and directed by none other than Spike Lee. He embraced the New York atmosphere, with sex, art, wine, and music. There were life lessons to be learned which I appreciated. The show addressed Donald Trump becoming president (which I shed a tear for while watching it). The music that was played the art that was displayed was amazing. Nola juggling situation-ships, friendships, family, a job there is so much to learn. The show captured so many topics such as; loving thy self, sexual assault, racism, police brutality, marriage, the list goes on.

She called herself I believe a pan-sexual, meaning she didn’t really put a label on whatever she was doing that day. She juggled 3 men and a lady; Mars the young project kid, Jamie the not so happily married business man, and Greer the photographer. She had different relationships with each of the men, while juggling to pay for her not so controlled Brooklyn rent apartment.

Nola was an artist, a very amazing one at that. Even so she still had a hard time selling her art. Enough this is not a book report. I think you guys really came here to see my thoughts on the Netflix’s critically acclaimed show.

I liked it at first, I loved how free Nola Darling was. She lived by no one’s rules which I sort of kind of don’t either. My issue with the show became Nola though. I know let me explain. Darling had this aura about her as if the world should come to her. I blame the men and woman in her life for making her feel as if. There was an episode when she invited all of her men over for thanksgiving. While watching it I am like “The nerve of this b*tch” lol. I loved her vibes before but once I saw that I am like oh no who do you think you are.

Overall the show was amazing and I would for sure watch the next season. The show made me realize it is okay to be me and love me with no regrets. I have to focus on me and make sure that I die knowing that I have reached my full potential. As far as the sex portion of the show? Great job Spike Lee lol.

Check the trailer and if you haven’t seen the show yet please go see it. Borrow someones Netflix password and get to it.



Good morning or whatever wherever you dolls are at lol. Anyways, just giving my dolls a heads up and an update on what has been going on with me and what is to come. So this past weekend I had the honor of being an extra in a film (that I will not mention), as well as do makeup and wardrobe for the set. That was super fun and such an amazing learning experience. People on set took a liking to me and also gave me another gig to do this up coming weekend so I am super excited about that.

What is coming next? Still working on the clothing line, trying to get some fall/winter clothes going. Also, wanted to keep up with my blogging and also want to finally start vlogging again. I have a few events and shows coming up that I will record and let my dolls get a look at what I love and or what I actually do. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment down below.

xoxox Bria.