Makeup Monday’s

We are back at it with Makeup Monday’s. Yes y’all like the consistency of the blog lately? I have realized this is my bread and butter, and that I need to take this shit more seriously excuse my language. I am leaving for California Wednesday night, and the whole trip I will be taking pictures and blogging for my readers and fans. I need to get personal with everyone from now on again take this seriously.

But anyways lol I went off sorry babies. Without further ado my girl Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie is Makeup Monday’s beauty doll of the week. In this tutorial, she reviews Rihanna’s body lava and let’s us know whether it is popping or a freaking hot ass mess. The only reason why I am really posting this video is because I never actually spoke on Rihanna’s body lava so here we have it.

I love her lol but anyways yes so I will keep posting frequently the way I have been doing lately. And also check out we have a little something something on there. I promise there will be more product on the way soon.

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Instagram: @JackieAina

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