She’s Gotta Have It


She’s Gotta Have It was a very interesting show to say the least. The main character Nola Darling played by DeWanda Wise gave a great perspective on how to live your life by your rules and your rules only. It backed fired for her sometimes, but most often it did not.

(If you didn’t know this show is a recreation in a sense of the movie She’s Gotta Have It).

This show was written and directed by none other than Spike Lee. He embraced the New York atmosphere, with sex, art, wine, and music. There were life lessons to be learned which I appreciated. The show addressed Donald Trump becoming president (which I shed a tear for while watching it). The music that was played the art that was displayed was amazing. Nola juggling situation-ships, friendships, family, a job there is so much to learn. The show captured so many topics such as; loving thy self, sexual assault, racism, police brutality, marriage, the list goes on.

She called herself I believe a pan-sexual, meaning she didn’t really put a label on whatever she was doing that day. She juggled 3 men and a lady; Mars the young project kid, Jamie the not so happily married business man, and Greer the photographer. She had different relationships with each of the men, while juggling to pay for her not so controlled Brooklyn rent apartment.

Nola was an artist, a very amazing one at that. Even so she still had a hard time selling her art. Enough this is not a book report. I think you guys really came here to see my thoughts on the Netflix’s critically acclaimed show.

I liked it at first, I loved how free Nola Darling was. She lived by no one’s rules which I sort of kind of don’t either. My issue with the show became Nola though. I know let me explain. Darling had this aura about her as if the world should come to her. I blame the men and woman in her life for making her feel as if. There was an episode when she invited all of her men over for thanksgiving. While watching it I am like “The nerve of this b*tch” lol. I loved her vibes before but once I saw that I am like oh no who do you think you are.

Overall the show was amazing and I would for sure watch the next season. The show made me realize it is okay to be me and love me with no regrets. I have to focus on me and make sure that I die knowing that I have reached my full potential. As far as the sex portion of the show? Great job Spike Lee lol.

Check the trailer and if you haven’t seen the show yet please go see it. Borrow someones Netflix password and get to it.


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