Too Faced

So I have a few things that I would like to get off of my now D Cup chest. Let us start off with this……The brand Too Faced intrigued me due to how they package their products. Also because they do a lot of their products in peach flavored so I can only imagine that it smells absolutely amazing.

So I decided to buy their well renowned foundation Born This Way at Ulta over the weekend. So let’s get into it. I had a hard time selecting my shade and I will tell you why:


Now I am a honey golden skin complexion so riddle me this?

Why did I have to purchase my foundation from Too Faced in the color Mocha?! (Please Google the shade Mocha). I was mind boggled. I am usually in colors like deep tan, Carmel, or something like that.

Anyways the foundation is a hint darker than what I would normally wear but I really wanted a foundation from them so I spent some coins anyways. This foundation might be my summer go to only because it’s winter in Boston currently and I get a super pale and yellow hue in the winter.

So I will further my pissed off rant by saying…. The foundation read “Oil Free”. Now I am not the brightest crayon in the box, but I am pretty sure that “Oil Free” means that the product is free of oil. Am I right?! NOPE! I wore my makeup for about an 8 hour office work day, and about around 2pm my face looked greasy. Now I have oily to dry combination of skin. Dry in the winter and oily the rest of the year. Because it has not been super cold just yet, my skin is still oily. I try to stay away from oily products when my skin is still in the oily stage because my makeup would just look a hot mess.

Moral of the story is I am just so frustrated with makeup brands only having a small quantity of shade ranges. Like I for sure should not be the darkest color that a foundation offers considering I am not a dark skin toned individual. Will I buy anymore products from them? I don’t know at this point because it almost seems pointless.

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