Inglot obsessed


So while I was in Vegas, I visited one of the Inglot stores and I was obsessed. The Inglot team treated me so well and even gave me goodies. I bought an eye shadow pot, an Inglot flat top buffer foundation brush, their cream foundation, and a lovely pouch for my makeup.

I loved how the makeup artists in Inglot took their time to help me find my right color and the right type of foundation for my type of skin. I don’t like feeling like I was rushed and cheated out of my money, but they did not make me feel that way at all. I am so obsessed with the foundation like beyond like it is my favorite as of right now. (Sorry Rihanna). The Inglot foundation is so light weight on my skin and the finish is so flawless. I literally can wear this foundation, concealer, and mascara and still like stunning.

Here is a clip:

I highly recommend buying Inglot products, I am so in love with their line like I can’t even deal. I even loved how they gave me free stuff like they were awesome. I love doing reviews for you dolls and hopefully I can start filming so you all can put a voice to face.

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