Makeup Monday’s: Ready to start some trouble?


So I finally got my hands on something very troublesome. Urban Decay launched their new Troublemaker mascara back in August but I finally got to try it out. I loved the packaging of the product it is super pretty. You can either purchase the mascara on it’s own retailing at $24.99, or you can buy the eyeliner and mascara for $28.99. I ended up getting the mascara and eyeliner from Ulta which seemed reasonable.

So I did my makeup last night because I was going out to dinner, and I have a very troubling review (no pun intended). I do not like the mascara’s wand point blank period. You take the wand out of the container and just by looking at it you can tell that something about it is off. I applied the first coat of mascara, and it literally felt like I scratched myself on the eye in the eye I don’t even know. I promise dolls I am not exaggerating I seriously was not happy while applying the mascara.

Even so, the outcome of the mascara looked amazing. Should you buy it? That is at your discretion. It is not a bad product, I just wish they would redo their wands for this product. Now a lot of beauty influencers did reviews on this product and one of the claims that Urban Decay stated for this product was that: “It is sex proof”. Now as far as it being sex proof? LOL no comment. But here is a cool review by Jeffree Star featuring his boyfriend Nathan.


So dolls if you would like to purchase this product and see for yourself what it is like, then click this link down below and get yours now.


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