Fenty Beauty Review

Happy Saturday dolls! So I finally bought my girl Rihanna’s Fenty Beautyand I was excited. I went into Sephora and was just in awe and so proud as a Rihanna fan.

So I started off with just purchasing the foundation. I am in the color 380 and I was a bit nervous. 370 was too light, 380 looked sketchy, and 390 looked like it could have been my shade. But because I was so desperate I just bought the shade 380.

So 380 matched my skin so perfect. Applying it was super easy and it went on so smooth. The applicator was a pump which I love because I can control how much foundation I want to use. I applied my makeup with a BeautyBlender, which to me is the best way to use this foundation.

Using the Beauty Blender made so much sense and it allowed me to add more and just blend out the foundation. Once I applied a little powder, concealer, mascara and lip gloss it looked amazing. The foundation is super light weight and it doesn’t feel like I have makeup on. I hate the feeling of my facing being weighed down by makeup.

I am going to buy more products especially because she is launching more makeup. Rihanna is launching the Galaxy collections in Sephora October 13th so I might have to get my hands on a few items.

I recommend people buying Rihanna’s foundation. I love how she has so many shades which is rare to find these days. I also love how easy it is to apply the foundation as well. There will be more reviews to come.

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